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Local Bookstore Appeals for COVID Action, Support for Small Business, Workers

November 16, 2020

In the face of rapidly-rising COVID case numbers in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan at large, local bookstore Turning the Tide is appealing for stronger action from policy-makers to protect the health care system, small businesses, and workers.

“Doctors and public health experts are warning that we can’t play wait-and-see with this virus,” said owner Peter Garden. “We can see from neighbouring provinces that case numbers are quickly getting out of control, threatening to force a full lock-down during a critical time of year for small business. We need decisive action now and have been disappointed that the government has not been willing to do what is necessary.”

“During the first wave of the virus, our store learned to adapt by shifting to online shopping and
developing an effective curbside pick-up and delivery system,” said Garden. “For the safety of our staff and customers, we are moving back to this model again. We are encouraging other businesses, which can, to shift back to curbside pick-up and delivery service. We need to show leadership in these difficult times.”

“We need to show policy-makers that we are ready to make the changes needed to protect the health and well-being of our communities” added Garden.

He is also calling on members of the public to put every dollar possible into supporting local businesses during the holiday season.

Garden realizes that not all retail businesses and services can adapt as easily to online sales. Many have not had the resources to invest in developing ecommerce storefronts and would be aided by government support.

“Many people can be employed building webstores, uploading products, packing orders, and making deliveries.”

Other businesses such as bars, restaurants, and gyms that are not able to make this adaptation should be getting support from the government to help cover their expenses and to support their employees as restrictions increase.

Turning the Tide Bookstore will be shifting to curbside pick-up and delivery only, as of November 17. Orders can be placed through our webstore at or by phone at 306-955-3070.