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Turning the Tide is joining other Saskatoon businesses to raise funds for Prairie Harm Reduction’s (PHR) safe consumption site. We will donate 100% of the profits from a list of selected books on addiction and the war on drugs to PHR.

In the past year, deaths from overdoses have equaled or exceeded those from COVID. Yet the response from policy makers has barely registered in comparison. In a system of universal health care, government officials should not be able to deny publicly-funded, life-saving services to any of their citizens. Yet, this is exactly what is happening.

In the absence of government action, local businesses and community members are stepping up to meet this need. We also want to be clear that charitable fundraising for PHR’s safe consumption site cannot and should not replace public funding from the Provincial Government.

We feel strongly that the stigma attached to people who struggle with substance addictions like crystal meth and opioids, allows government officials to turn a blind eye to the suffering of these individuals and their loved ones. Changing this situation will require a shift in attitudes through both access to information like that contained in these books, as well as challenging of viewpoints of people in our communities that dehumanize and devalue the lives of those who struggle with addiction. It will also require grassroots organizing to apply pressure to policy makers to compel them to make the right decisions.

We are grateful to the businesses and community members that have already stepped up in solidarity with those impacted and those on the front lines to show support for safe consumption sites across the province. Together, we can help support people on the front lines to have the money and resources to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.